Gong Rongrong

Senior Product Manager Alo7 K12 Education Technology Company

Now the product owner of Alo7 K12 Education Technology Company, previously she has served as senior experience designer and design project leader of IBM Design Studio, the trainer of IBM Design Thinking Workshop and has published many patents. With years of practical experience in product design and user experience, she is committed to driving product innovation and experience upgrades through design thinking.

How to build a multi-user ecosystem product experience

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    2018-12-01 星期六 13:00:00 -15:30:00(Day -28)

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    Interaction designers

    Product designers

    Product manager

Background information

In the era of mobile Internet, the success of products no longer hinges on the realization of basic functions. What differentiates is the level of understanding of users which in turn leads to an intimate or stronger-than-expected experience. With the advent of the intelligent era, people pay greater attention to the experience brought about by the interaction between people and products, systems, services, as well as the environment. All these have brought new challenges to product designers.

As a product designer, you need to pay attention to future trends and absorb new thoughts, while gaining experience. Facing chaotic product design requirements on the road to the future, a systematic methodology is needed as a guide to help you grasp key elements, identify essential tasks, and continuously promote product optimization and iteration. 

In this workshop, we will practice the design process of multi-user ecosystem with practical cases and design thinking methods. We will also share the iterative process of the Alo7 App from zero to one, helping you to learn how to build product experience through dots, lines, planes and solids.


1. Introduction to workshop background and methodology

2. Multi-user ecological product design

3. Content product design

4. New experience brought by technology-powered education

5. Design thinking-driven product design practice

6. Summary and review

Participants will learn

  • 1. Deign experience of product with multi-user ecosystem

  • 2. Deign experience of content product

  • 3. Practice of design thinking methodology

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