Caesar Chung

Partner beBit, Inc.

Background • Chicago Booth MBA • Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Experience • 11-years consulting experience in finance, FMCG and retailing, specializing in user behavior analysis, CX strategy and digital transformation • Promote China-Japan user experience communication, supporting cross-country visits between Sompo, Sony Assurance, Lifenet, Pingan Group, Tiakang online, Autohome, Toyota, KDDI • Speaker in Insurance Association of China, Security Association of China, CPIC and Cathay Group • Support CPIC, Taikang online, Haitong Security, Cathay Group, AWS, Microsoft, Suning and Bosch Simems to conduct digital transformation strategy and digital product design

Brand and CX Management

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    2018-11-30 星期五 13:00:00 -15:30:00(Day 1)

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    Strategy department/ Brand department/ CX department/ Service department

Background information

In the digital era, enterprise needs to develop new framework for effective branding and service strategy to keep its core competence. How to leverage the CX planning to support the branding initiatives and to build the management loop is critical for a successful branding strategy


• The latest trend of CX

• The framework of branding strategy and CX management

• The management loop of CX

• Organization and culture transformation

Participants will learn

  • Develop the framework of branding strategy and CX management

  • By case practice, learn how to put the framework into real scenarios

  • Through group discussion, understand the development and difficulty of CX management across companies and industries

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