Peng Sun

Senior Experience Designer TANG CONSULTING

Introduction: Peng Sun is a senior eXperience designer at Tang UX, a leader of Smart Experience Team, with 6 years up of work experience in experience design. He has rich project experience and sharp insight, and is good at observing users’ need, exploring the question itself and defining challenge and goal, also making his wild and creative ideas tangible. He has been involved in the exploration of future industrial product trend and design work for operating systems (iOS/Android) on smart mobile devices (vehicle, smartphone, tablet) about finance, bank, e-commerce, social, tool, speech recognition and many more domains. Strengths: • Opportunity findings and design exploration over different industries • Utilize every kinds of user research and design method, explore user behaviors and habits • Explore products’ “wow moment” with design methods

Explore Future Mobility with X Thinking®

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    2018-11-30 星期五 09:00:00 -12:00:00(Day 1)

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    1. Designers

    product managers who are interested in Maas topic

Background information

As the technology toward self-driving car improves, new energy vehicles are supported by government subsidies and business models related to mobility are empowered by more user data, the mobility as a service (Maas) is more based on user scenario and needs. The three main force of Future Maas: capital and tech-driven traditional car company (Porsche, Benz, BMW, etc.), people and service-focused internet car company (Nio, Weltmeister, etc.) and   data-oriented Maas platforms (DiDi, Mobike, etc.); how can they balance technology, business model and user experience to create new user values? How can they deal with highly competitive Maas industry? How can these three forces collaborate to innovate more new products and service?

We will lead every body to explore future Maas with X Thinking® mindset at workshop. 


1. Understand TANG X Thinking® & Persona Bank® with introduction and cases

2. Share TANG insights into future Maas

3. Make customer journey map (CJM) about future Maas at workshop

4. Explore future Maas strategy and idea based on the crafted CJM

Participants will learn

  • 1. Understand TANG X Thinking®

  • 2. Make customer journey map with TANG Persona Bank®

  • 3. Acquire insights and opportunities about future Maas 

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