Frederick Chen

Senior Research Manager, Interface Design Project Tobii Pro

Currently working for Tobii Pro China, with more than 6 years of eye tracking project research experience, deep eye tracking knowledge, is the first trainer to pass the Tobii trainer qualification. Currently working as a senior research manager at Tobii Pro China, responsible for eye tracking related project consulting and data analysis for the Tobii Pro Insight service project. He has led many large-scale customer project implementation and data analysis, and has lectured on many Tobii Pro eye tracking workshop activities. Committed to applying visual research to business analysis research. Based on Tobii's unique eye tracking technology, the quantitative data of visual behavior is integrated into multi-domain research, such as: shopper behavior research, advertising content research, online and offline product user experience research. In recent years, the team has focused on user interface interaction design and user experience improvement. A new user research strategy is proposed. From the traditional qualitative, quantitative, attitude and behavioral research methods, the eye tracking technology is skillfully integrated to provide more detailed and intuitive visual analysis for more corporate customers and help to understand the behavior of their users. Features, mining opportunities in the "eyeball" economy, exploring the behavior logic generated by the user's joint action of subjective consciousness and external stimuli, thus helping interface designers to propose targeted market strategies and product optimization. He worked in Nielsen, a world-class market research company. He has extensive experience in consumer research and retail channel analysis, especially in the fields of maternal and child supplies and personal care products. He has been engaged in industry, terminal, shopper and consumption for many years. Full chain analysis between the people. As a new business development leader, he has conducted channel research in the fields of automotive, co

Seeing is Believing: the Commercial Application and Value of Eye Tracking in Mobile APPs

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    2018-11-30 星期五 09:00:00 -12:00:00(Day 1)

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    UI/UX designer

    design director; content producer; product manager


Background information

This is an era of “beauty is justice”. The user's demand for products has risen from the satisfaction of functional requirements to the aesthetic needs of converging convenience. Whether it is mobile phone application or web design, designers are constantly exploring to let users feel the unique beauty, and form their own unique brand design language, to enhance users' perception and stickiness of products.

As a global eye tracking system leader, Tobii specializes in applying eye movement technology to different scenarios and providing a diverse range of behavioral analysis solutions. Eye tracking can more directly identify potential feedback and direct demand from users.

Participants will learn

  • I hope that in this workshop, relevant professionals in the field of  product design and user experience can better identify potential problems in  product experience, so as to provide a more friendly and beautiful product experience in the subsequent product development and design.

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