Hui Wang

Interactive design expert Shanghai Hema Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Graduated from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands with a master degree in industrial design, Wang Hui has worked for ARK Design and Hema Supermarket with a focus on Online-And-Offline(OAO) service design and digital experience design. She’s had in-depth cooperation with KFC, McDonald's, Starbucks and other catering companies to promote experience innovation in new retail and new catering as well as the exploration and dissemination of corresponding innovative design methods. Currently at Hema, she is working on how digital system and offline scenes can be fully combined in the catering sector to achieve an overall design scheme that maximizes experience and business value. The framing design ideas and product systems of high compatibility lay a stable foundation for different experience propositions corresponding to different catering formats, therefore realizing a digital catering experience with brand communication effects through strategic planning of experience selling points. Focus on experience landing and business value. Mobilize the integration of resources in various departments based on the idea of full-link and full-contact service design. Promote the experience landing and achieve data closed loop, thus verifying the success of experience in business.

New Retail Smart Catering Experience Innovation

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    2018-11-30 星期五 09:00:00 -12:00:00(Day 1)

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    Product manager

    Outlet/Industry Operation

Background information

As one of the best platforms for practicing new retail, Hema has a wealth of offline scenarios and business exploration for multi-catering business formats, which brings a huge space for improvement and great challenges to the design. What should we do to make full integration of online and offline contexts and make full use of the advantages of digitizing systems to achieve the best user experience? What should we do to coordinate multiple roles and processes in the same space to ensure that different users can get what they want? And what should we do to quickly clear the clues to support the business construction, and clearly define design priorities when facing with complex design requirements of multiple business formats? With continuous design practices, learning and reflection, the UED catering team of Hema has concluded a set of design methods to adapt to new retail and new catering.


Part1. Application scenarios of Hema

Business features and design challenges of Hema 

Multi-end, multi-role and multi-process design system of Hema 

Multi-format experience design strategy of Hema

Par2.  Application case 1: Use continuous contacts to create a definite catering experience

          Application case 2: Design method and practice of efficiency gains of offline workplace (kitchen)

Part3.  Contextualized design workshop

           Introduction to the process and methods of the workshop

On-site exercise

            Share and comment

Participants will learn

  • The audience can get the first-hand design experience of new retail and new catering shared by Hema;

  • Digital offline scene design,  interdisciplinary service design methods (range from space, interaction, brand and industrial design)

  • On-site interactive participation helps to learn how to quickly design and build offline interaction scenarios

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