Wang Wan

Senior Experience Design Specialist Alibaba Cloud

Joined Alibaba Group in 2010, Wang Wan has over 8 years’ experience participated in Taobao-KouBei, Taobao-Lottery, Taobao-Real estate and other Alibaba business units. Currently working in ACD (Alibaba Cloud Design Center), she is responsible for design work related to industry intelligence business. Review career process, she has been experienced in various design environments, such as Customer \Business-type product design as well as government projects etc. Advocating the multi-dimensional development of designer capabilities, she is trying to use design thinking to empower traditional industries transformation and upgrade, and to promote the constant improvement of user experience design in cutting-edge industries.

To empower traditional industry transformation and upgrading-AI data intelligent product design practice

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    2018-12-02 星期日 13:00:00 -15:30:00(Day -27)

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    Industry AI (Industry Brain) product experience followers


    product managers


Background information

Industry AI SaaS products are changing the traditional industry chain and working mode. We will discuss how to grasp the product strategy in the complex industry market and industry chain, and guide users to smoothly and effectively transform working mode; how to integrate industry elements into the brand style, creating a product experience that is familiar and appealing to the industry. How to precipitate traditional human experience into industry assets, integrate big data intelligent decision-making, and empower new industry models.


1. Introduce the characteristics of Data intelligence products that Alibaba Cloud is currently advancing;

2. Share the demands and pain points of current industry users on the industry's brain products;

3. Alibaba Cloud traffic industry brain case analysis

4. Workshop tool card explanation

5. Workshop Practice and Pitch

6. Q & A discussion

Participants will learn

  • 1. Understand the user experience delivery and optimization process for industry intelligent products in Alibaba Cloud;

  • 2. Guide on the experience design of Data intelligence products;

  • 3. Understand the ideas and tools that we have explored;

  • 4. Through hands-on team practice, get the idea of finding the experience opportunity points step by step, and make a short design pitch.

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