Xu Wei

Senior Visual Design Advisor Alibaba-CaiNiao

Xu Wei, Senior Visual Design Advisor at Alibaba and Creative Manger at CaiNiao UED, has more than 10 years experience of marketing design and branding. He is good at exploring user insight and managing design process, leading a team with both creativity and execution.

DEDE Creative Design —— How to generate better ideas to achieve business goals

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    2018-12-01 星期六 13:00:00 -15:30:00(Day -28)

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    Senior Designer

    Design Manger

Background information

In this workshop, we will introduce a set of creative design methods “DEDE” , which we have fully practiced in our Creative Team . By empathizing with users, respecting the creativity itself you will find a way to achieve business goals. This “DEDE”methodology just try to apply Design Thinking in a different way. Designers who use this method will enjoy the process of generating cool ideas, and  think about how design achieves business goals. Hope you will enjoy this workshop.

Participants will learn

  • 1\ The process of creative design

  • 2\ DEDE creative design method

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