Huajun Long

Senior Interaction Designer Anti Financial

Huajun Long now is focusing on serving global key accounts of Anti Financial, such as Apple, Airbnb and Uber. She is strengthening her competitiveness as an innovation strategist and user experience designer with data and business sense. She is highly adept at design and analytical thinking, ethnographic research, market research, design strategy, product/service concept development, agile development and workshop facilitation. Huajun Long’s passion is to solve complex problems and push innovation on physical and digital solutions. Huajun Long, graduated from Tsinghua University. In 2011, she started a double Master’s degree course at The Royal College of Art and Imperial College of London, graduating with an MA and MsC in Innovation Design Engineering with Merit. Huajun Long has experience across industries .She serves clients in industries as diverse as SUUNTO, Salomon, Wilson, TXR-S, EF (Education First), P&G, LG, MetLife, Nissan China, Ford UK, L‘Oreal, Hitachi, Rio Tinto ,Seoul Design Foundation and 21st Century Business Review .

Hypothesis, Insight & Experiment: Agile users’ research methods under the era of VUCA

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    2018-12-01 星期六 16:00:00 -18:30:00(Day -28)

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    Students are working on the user research

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Background information

We use the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity to describe the particularity in the era of VUCA. Ambiguous issues, numerous and complicated user characteristics and user clusters, high-speed business development and iterative requirements and the limitation on resource and technology make the process, method, elapsed time, generating strategy and guidance the large and all-inclusive user research accept challenges from different business. Facing a mess for the business, the importance for user research methods and processes to transform into a flexible and agile one becomes more and more prominent.


Obscurity can be lifted: how to reestablish a correct issue

Broad considerations: how to use data insight and market analysis to efficiently establish concrete research directions and hypotheses 

Complement each other: how to use the "five- pronged " solutions, such as data analysis, quantitative questionnaires, rapid qualitative interviews, hypothesis establishment and consensus workshop to quickly transform user insight into a opportunity and strategy with high value for putting into practice.

Fastest speed is the only way for success: how to use algorithms and iterative experimental methods to accelerate the implementation of optimal solutions, the design for enabling product and the establishment for business strategy.

Participants will learn

  • Each student participating in the workshop will learn about the methods of agile user research and the practical cases, and get our agile user research-toolkit to guide the practice in the future.

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