Xi Shao

Senior UX designer Ant Financial

Now I am working as a senior UX designer in Ant Financial. Before that, I have some UX consulting experience. These all make me precipitate lots of service design, interaction design and user research experience. Now I am focuses on user-centered design for billion-level users, involves experience optimization, personalized scenarios design and promotion of user viscosity. I stand for methodical design, attach importance to user’s pain point, fix it with innovation and continuous improvement, driving the business result as well as user experience.

How to build a platform experience for all stakeholders

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    2018-12-01 星期六 16:00:00 -18:30:00(Day -28)

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Background information

Businesses are increasingly eager to address problems that the user experience can solve. The user experience is more than just a solution to the constantly changing business goals, changing product models, the diverse roles of continuing to join the platform, and the escalating user appeals. The basic problem of the availability of human-machine interface is to become a user-centered innovative method and systematic way of thinking for various business links such as product functions, service processes, and business models.


1. Through the design case of Sesame Credit C, telling how to use the service design + data analysis method to sort out the needs of users and merchants, and to carry out goal-oriented design.

2. Through the standardized and intelligent way of service industry, the merchants can quickly enter the platform without a design capability and have a good service experience.

3. How to promote efficient and fast implementation of the solution through the process mechanism with minimal cost

4. How to quickly improve the product experience by quickly iterating the solution before going online through participatory design and experience evaluation.

5. Group Workshop Experience

Participants will learn

  • 1. Learn how to combine quantitative and qualitative analysis to gain insight into user goals and user needs

  • 2. Through practical cases, learn how to pass the mechanism and intelligent empowerment platform stakeholders

  • 3. Understand how to coordinate various resources for participatory design and improve output quality

  • 4. Group workshop experience

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