Keyao Zhu

Manager of Experience Design Department Co

I have 9-year working experience in an internet company. As an experience design expert in Co. I am currently the manager of experience design department Co., leading to establish the framework of interactive information at Suning platform. I’m responsible for formulating design specification of our all-platform, establishing of Suning user experience team as well as E-commerce platform products in order to provide users with the best service experience. I am committed to bringing big data analytics and full-link experience design into a new level, focusing on design value and creative innovation, and holding amounts of design invention patents.

Mental model in design - how to promote product upgrades

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    2018-11-30 星期五 13:00:00 -15:30:00(Day 1)

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    Product Manager


    Design Manager

Background information

A mental model is a visual description of a particular user's behavior, faithfully representing the original motivation. It decides the ways of people’s perspective and behavior, which can help designers discover the real purpose behind the target user behaviors. When content and behavior match, the designer will get a strategy. If a behavior can't be supported, designers have the opportunity to do further research.


This workshop will introduce the scenario design process in conjunction with the actual case of Suning application Channel revision.

The basic theory of the user's mental model is combined with the case introduction methodology.

Problems solved by the mental model is

1. To help the designers to design products and experiences that match the user's mental model and behavior of users in different periods.

2. To help design groups make better customer and business strategies.

3. To assist designers to enrich the perspectives, clearing their roles, expressing the value of the design in the projects. 

4. To introduce how designers use mental models to solve problems, combining with the projects.

How do designers apply mental models to their works?

1. Contacting the users to determine an appropriate research method.

2. Analyzing the data in order to discover models and abstract several models into one.

3. Comparing the solution to the model and align the concepts to produce novel ideas.

4.   Implementing projects through introducing methodology of case study.

Participants will learn

  • 1. Assisting designers to enrich the perspectives, clearing their roles, expressing the value of the design in the projects, and providing reasonable strategies.

  • 2. Comprehending how to use the customers mental model to help designers build product frameworks and service models efficiently at the service model design level.

  • 3. Experience design is a crucial way or even an unique for product and user communication,and the way to enhance the participation and influence of designers in product development process.

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