Ping Ju

Design Manager Suning E-commerce

Senior Experience Design Manager of Suning E-commerce,who has rich experience in the design field of user experience , dedicated to creating the ultimate consumer experience. Keen to study new design of retail service , data driven design and other fields. Focusing on the summary and innovation of multi-terminal and multi-dimensional methodology of experience design , this paper puts forward and advocates the design and management concepts of "sustainable experience design" and "how to use agile design to improve team effectiveness". It leads the experience design work of Suning E-commerce and is responsible for the overall design of a number of data products.

Model and practice of sustainable experience design

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    2018-12-01 星期六 13:00:00 -15:30:00(Day -28)

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    PM and user experience jobholders

Background information

As designers, we all learn some models of design thinking, such as the classic element of user experience  of BDC's double-drill model, Human-Centered Design of IDEO   and Design Thinking Process of D. School , etc., how to practice in our own work and create a set of thinking methods suitable for ourselves. The method of experience measurement is used to establish a correct derivation path to help us produce good ideas and designs.


1、What’s a good design, what’s a good user experience, thinking of experience design around us 

2、Interesting case: feel the charm of design thinking model 

3、What is the sustainable model of experience design: the needs of the user changes with the environment and the market. Only sustainable experience design can meet the continuous development of products. 

The design model of sustainable experience is based on the d. School, the double drill model and the rational model of eico design. It is a people-oriented design thinking, from four steps of exploring, defining, conceptualizing, realizing to create rational, appropriate and Correct design

① Problem discovery: this stage does the corresponding user research, analyzes the current product status, user use survey and other discovery problems

② Defines the question: unifies all the data together, find out the insights (user requests or pain points), create HWM problems

③ Possible solutions: stage of conceptual design, divergence of ideas, use methods of design evaluation: voting or matrix method to get some solutions

④: Feasible solutions: use the process of agile development, development- test- iteration (MVP) to validate your ideas. 

The uses and benefits of design models of sustainable experience 

4. Case study: Process Practice of sustainable experience design.

5,Experience metrics

Design requires a system to establish experience metrics and evaluate the quality of product experience.

Background information of data: how to find more valuable information in data

Using data to analyze the AARRR model of user life cycle

③  Find the opportunity in the flow funnel.

6. Case analysis: the role of experience measurement in design.

7,Global design thinking: People-oriented + Experience measurement = Sustainable experience design.

8. Group discussion

Participants will learn

  • 1. Theory and practice, understanding the application of design model of people-oriented sustainable experience

  • 2, Mastering the method of experience measurement, learning to use data for design service 

  • 3, Establishing one's own design thinking, and finding ways to improve product and user experience.

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