Jayden Kong

Senior Product Director Baixing

Jayden Kong, Product Director of Hujiang Class, former Senior Product Manager of Tencent, previously served as Senior Product Manager and UX Designer for Wal-Mart Yihaodian, Innovation Works and Alibaba. Certified instructor at both Qidian Academy and iResearch Institute. As a senior internet product practitioner, Jayden possesses a decade’s rich experience in product design and user experience. Jayden applies a Goal-Oriented & Data-Based method to practice in his research covering a variety of fields including E-Commerce, Social, Enterprise SaaS, Big Data, Internet Plus, Online Education, etc. Jayden obtained over ten product or design patents, and he did systematic research on cross-domain innovation and service design.

How to Build Growth Model by Experience Upgrading

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    2018-12-01 星期六 13:00:00 -15:30:00(Day -28)

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    Product designer

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Background information

Since the demographic dividend is gradually diminishing over time, the traditional internet thinking is challenged enormously because the internet’s production relies on the traffic conversion. A deep thinking on Growth Hacker is triggered through the industry’s anxiety for the second half debate. At the meantime, in this new age, user experience is also challenged for a transition. It is every UXer’s mission to satisfy the need of the market by upgrading the experiences and empower the market for more social value. This workshop is hosted to explore the methodology of building an experiential growth model with the audience along with the case studies.


1. About experience upgrading

1) What is experience upgrading

a. Challenges of the user experience under new circumstances

b. Dimensions of the experience upgrading

2) Why do we need to upgrade the experience

a. Limits of the classical user experience process

b. Value of the experience upgrading

3) How to upgrade the experience

a. From profession-driven to value-driven

b. The mental model of the trading-up

c. The touchpoint of the Peak-End Rule

d. From the user experience map to the service blueprint

2. About the growth model

1) The classical growth model AARRR

2) The traceable growth causes

3) The risk management of the growth boundary

4) The self-perpetuating circulation and the potential energy conversion

3. How to build the experiential growth model

1) The demand decision model BTXP

2) The user experience model IRTDL

3) The principle of philosophy on Dopamine

4. Workshop

1) Ice-breaking, grouping, topic selection

2) User Experience Map + OKR + AARRR + IRTDL, experiential growth model building

3) Discussion

4) Conclusion

Participants will learn

  • 1. Experience upgrading 

  • 2. Growth hacker

  • 3. Methodology of building an experiential growth model

  • 4. Product designing drive reinforcement

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