Luo Tao

Assistant Professor Interaction Design Lab, Kookmin Univ.

Former SK Telecom / T map UX Design Manager Bachelor degree from Mathematics major in Sun-Yet San University, PhD from Interaction Design major in Kookmin Univ. After PhD, I have been working in SK Telecom, being in charge of Interaction Design in the project “T map for Car” and some other projects. My research interest “Interaction Design Language” has been successfully applied in the actual project, allowing us to make better interaction design than google map at that moment. It also demonstrated the value and impact of deep level design thinking. I’m currently working as an assistant professor in Kookmin Univ., keep developing “Interaction Design Language” and its applications. “The path to the future lies in the shadow of the past.” As a interaction designer coming from a mathematical background, I’m fascinated by the exploration of the essence of interaction design. After getting master’s degree in Kookmin Univ., I’ve been working as interaction designer in design agency and smartphone manufacture, while at the same time thinking about how to design interactions more efficiently. As the movie “Arrival” says, the language you speak will affect the way you see everything. The research and practice of Interaction Design Language is an attempt to explore the essence of interaction design.

Interaction Design Language __ Designing the Beauty of Interactions

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    2018-11-30 星期五 09:00:00 -12:00:00(Day 1)

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    Interaction Designer

    Front-End Developer

    Product Manager

Background information

Even though we have many successful product and service, interaction design as a young area which has only 30 years of history, does not have its own unique language and is still being explored. As to any area, its unique language can help accumulate and spread the knowledge of that area and guide innovation in a more consistent way. 

The research and practice of Interaction Design Language is an attempt to explore the essence of interaction design. In Interaction Design Language, every interaction is abstracted as “Control Item-Mapping-Widget Item”, we call this a control relation. By analyzing various aspect of the control relation, we summarized issues that can be notices by users. We also used a notations system to describe these issues, and guide designers to think about new interactions by trying different combinations of the notation system. Interaction Design Language can change people’s perspective towards interactions, allowing interaction designers to consider the structure and details of interaction in a more systematic way. By describing complicated interactions in a very detailed way, it also helps interaction designers communicate with developers in a much more efficient way. Interaction Design Language can also abstract design patterns from different platforms, thus when we design interaction in a completely new platform, previous knowledge about certain interactions can be well reserved and applied. 


1、Background of Interaction Design Language

2、Notation system and grammar structure

3、Try interaction design language using cards

4、Presenting ideas or thoughts about using Interaction Design Language

Participants will learn

  • 1、New perspective and way of thinking about interaction design;

  • 2、Deeply understand detailed structure and patterns about interaction;

  • 3、Notations system and Grammar structure of Interaction Design Language;

  • 4、Increase the efficiency of communication between designers and developers;

  • 5、Practice the ability to discover and create new interaction design.

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