Si Heng

User Experience Design Exper

Experienced user experience center design expert, has worked in Baidu, music vision. Leading the Baidu Tourist PC 2.0 revision, Baidu Glutinous Rice APP Tourist Channel Mobile 1.0 version, LeEco Design Guide, with the experience of PC, mobile, TV multi-terminal design and management experience, is now focused on experience design team management, enhance team capacity to extend forward to business needs scenarios and in-depth user use scenarios, thereby Forming experience and optimizing closed loop to create experience driven design team driven by user experience.

How to improve the organizational capability of experience design team

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    2018-12-02 星期日 13:00:00 -15:30:00(Day -27)

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    In the team as a management (design Manager / supervisor) position

Background information

With the increasing attention of users to product experience, more and more people / enterprises attach importance to experience design, and even rely on it. As a result, there are endless business needs. How can personal capability be improved behind so many and even messy business needs? Where is the personal development space in the team and how to cooperate with others? How does a team focus on designers' personal growth? What is the value of experience teams?


Foreword: Introduce the four stages characteristics of experiencing team's organizational ability under the Internet environment;

1. According to the problems to be solved in the construction of business stages echelon, including: organizational structure, talent selection, positioning, system and corresponding practice cases; 

2. How to establish the professional knowledge system, including: knowledge acquisition, knowledge Knowledge summary, innovation and output; 

3. Establishment of personnel training system, including coach guidance, training, promotion; 

4. Team culture penetration, including: team vision, team cooperation, team activities how to form and land;

Participants will learn

  • 1. Through understanding the solution of echelon construction, knowledge system construction and personnel training system construction, mastering how to match team structure according to business, how to accumulate design methodology, innovation, patents through knowledge system, and how to enhance individual ability through personnel training system;

  • 2. Continue to explore differences and summarize more appropriate vertical domain strategies; 

  • 3. Recognize that business development phases determine team competency requirements, according to the requirements of the next phase to develop phase promotion goals, iteration.

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