Wu Dong

Interaction design Expert Ant Financial

Shao Peng: Visual Design Expert in Ant Fortune business unit at Ant Financial, specializing in mobile experience innovation and branding. He has profound experience in the fields of FinTech, focusing on brand building with design and maximizing the value of UX design. Wu Dong: Interaction Design Expert in Ant Fortune business unit at Ant Financial. He has rich experience in Fintech design, and leaded several design projects, including the design of multiple financial products, Ant Fortune Open Platform and AI products, etc. Currently, he focuses on the mobile experience innovation and methodology study for Fintech products.

Scenario-based emotional design for FinTech products

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    2018-11-30 星期五 09:00:00 -12:00:00(Day 1)

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Background information

Financial product is only a basic tool if we just design on the function level, while users’ main needs are wealth preservation or growth. There is a huge gap between the user needs and the user experience in awareness and operation. With scenario, we can help the users to eliminate the obstacles on the journey of financial service. A comprehensive framework and methods of emotional design could better connect users to the scenario, and generate touching experience in financial services.


1. Warm-up

2. Dilemma in the field of Fintech design

3. The values of scenario

4. How to connect user and product with emotion analysis method

5. Case study in Fintech 

6. Design practice

7. Q&A

Participants will learn

  • 1. Learn the methodology of Fogg's behavior Model, Peak-End Rule and scenario building 

  • 2. A framework of professional methodology of Scenario-based emotional design

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