Chong Chen

Design Manager Suning E-commerce

Design manager of experience design department of O2O R&D Center of Suning, Visual director of store+ project. With 6 years of GUI work experience and years of practical experience in the aspect of offline store retail systems. Winner of Gold Award in Iconfont Merchant Material Design Competition hold by Alipay. Hope to share the solution to problems to everyone summarized by our team in the process of providing data services, offering intelligent and cooperative information and improving sales conversion rates in order that they know better about marketing strategy and data-driven and so on.

How to create the brand new retail tool in the ecosystem of O2O mode

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    2018-12-01 星期六 13:00:00 -15:30:00(Day -28)

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Background information

In the Internet era, traditional retail industry is impacted by online retailers. The intelligent retail era is coming following the rapid development of new technology. Retail is to redefined now that retail online and offline is about to  integrate deeply. Retailers online start to combine perfectly the online shopping with offline shopping, improving the shopping experience using omni-channel strategy. However, the challenge it brings is that compared to traditional internet products, the building of experience offline  is longer in cycle, harder in data collection and late in feedback. We are thinking and seeking how to rapidly create prototypes and most convenient tools to assist the daily work of sales staff using internet products, and how to improve the quality of store service to ultimately improve the sales conversion rates.


1.Design background and content introduction

2.Design show—project of emotional design of startup page, design strategy of 

experience of specific project, design strategy of data visualization, design thinking of product modularization, tips of  Data Tracking, strategy of making emotion connection with users through visual symbols

4. Data verification—Sales conversion rates after design being implemented

1. Group practice—Topic discuss and practice in groups

6.Summary and expectation to future trend

Participants will learn

  • 1. To comprehend the brand value of store+ app as a tool.

  • 2. Different design methods of application model for special user group.

  • 3. To understand how to deliver business value and how to assist Business & Marketing by design

  • 4. How to accurately dig the potential needs of users to make surprise for them.

  • 5.To learn the commercial value of products, to expand the design thinking and to solve the problem from the point of view of GUI.

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