Vivian Gomes

Director of UX and Design Human Factors Research & Design

Vivian Gomes is a highly experienced and practical hands-on UX Design professional. Vivian believes that insights at the intersection of user needs, technology and business helps create highly effective and innovative products and solutions on the foundation of DESIGN. His strengths lie deep in user experience design, teaching, conducting Design Sprint and UX workshops globally, empowering teams to craft compelling stories and develop a solution’s design ecosystems across multiple media and devices for a connected, seamless end-user experience.  He interfaces with teams globally to bring innovative and disruptive design ideas to life while training, mentoring and empowering all talent, collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams, manoeuvring through project/business challenges, and most importantly, helping create a vision that delight users and profit customers.  Currently, he is a Board member of UXQCC (Austria), Speaker at World Usability Congress, Google Developer Expert in UX , Evangelizing culture change transformation through Design across the world. 

Design Sprint & Using UX methods for Innovations

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    2018-11-30 星期五 16:00:00 -18:30:00(Day 1)

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    Product Managers/ Designers

    Sales and Marketing

    UX Designers/ Graphic Designers

    UI developers


Background information

Vivian has been helping industries create a delightful portfolios of products which include healthcare, Social innovation in community uplifting program design and application, Retail, Oil & Gas, Smart Cities, Analytics, IT Security, data Science, Military, Government, GIS, payments/finance, social, search, eComm, startups, Cloud applications, Portals, IOT, mobile/telecom, wearable tech, AR/VR, AI, voice activated UX and the engineering / automotive industry.

He works as a core member of the management teams to Institutionalize Design, focused on future of design driven needs, helping digital transformation through applicable design thinking, mentored design managers/ leaders, setting up global design centers & design research labs in India, EUROPE, Asia, UK, Middle East and USA. A certified trainer from LUMA Institute, Pittsburgh, UX / Design mentor on Google Launchpad and implementing HFI level 5 CPU within organisations.


Understanding the ways to orient quickly towards the problems areas

Reframing the problems/needs in an effective way

Design Sprint methodology

Speaking the common language of design across all departments

Participants will learn

  • How to apply divergent and convergent ways design thinking

  • Methods of research and analysis

  • Methods for Organizing and sorting data effectively

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Cognitive science for daily use

  • Applying Collective intelligence 

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